Finality, or the Singularity is Dead!  

Posted by Jeremy Tarbush

This website no longer serves its purpose.  I will be keeping it up for posterity's sake, but my beliefs that the Singularity will save us are gone.  I was so... misguided.  I now know the one that will save the world is God. The God of Isaac and Jacob.  And His only begotten, Jesus Christ.  I'll be out there somewhere, but I'm not interested in what's relevant to glorifying God, and not in Humanism or Transhumanism.  

The Singularity is simply a false rapture created by man to I-dolize himself.  

William J. Tarbush
Jeremiah Grymstone

Growing up in a technological world.  

Posted by Jeremy Tarbush

I ran into a page reminding us how our kids won't know how many of the things we grew up with were. Videocassettes, blowing into a video game to get it to work, and many other analog media are simply a way of the past. It may be our job to remind our kids of the innovations that have been made to made them more technologically savvy. This learning will make them better able to navigate our future.
It is also important for us to stay on top of modern technology so we don't forget how to program the "name futuristic machine here". I know my grandfather blatantly refused to learn anything with a digital dial and stuck to his old wind-up watch. While I respect that, learning more of the old while keeping an eye towards the new makes us more childlike and keeps the fires of learning burning.
So, never stop learning and keep your head up, your powder dry, and your steam powered with the positronic brain working. ;)

Returning to the Moon, Mars, and Futuristic Movies  

Posted by Jeremy Tarbush

I wanted to refer my readers to another blog of failed predictions through movies.
The problem is the Challenger disaster and lack of government funding, I guess. While some of these are dystopian novels, and it's good that they didn't happen, the fact that they couldn't happen is still there. In '69, we went to the moon. It looked like we'd be on Mars in a matter of Years. Forty years later, we're still on Earth and have returned to the Moon since the end of the Apollo program. I don't understand why we don't use Apollo-like technology to return to the Moon. Instead we're using a more expensive new program for our grand return. I wonder if it will ever happen.

Cost of Human Genome Sequencing Down  

Posted by Jeremy Tarbush

The cost of sequencing of the human genome is now down to around $48,000. I find that to be revolutionary when it's not been terribly long since the Dawn of the Human Genome Project itself.

This is a dramatic fall. James Watson's Genome was sequenced in 2007, at the cost of $2,000,000. There are also services only for academics for sequencing of the genome at $5,000.

Find more about this, and more links at this website.

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Posted by Jeremy Tarbush

The Long Now Foundation  

Posted by Jeremy Tarbush

I loved the Long Now Foundation since I first heard of it. I almost think of it with the authority and reverence of "The Church of the Long Now". ;) Well, they are working on several major projects. One: To build a ten thousand year clock that will remain accurate for ten thousand years. Two: To build spheres that can be viewed with microscopes to view the Chapters 1-3 of Genesis (The Bible). Three: To add 0 to the beginning of all 4-digit years (ex: 02009). This is to allow for the bug that will be in future computers that are not ready for the decamillinium. Check them out. And keep your eyes out for the future.

The upcoming DSM-V  

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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is putting out its newest version (DSM-V) by May 2012. I am a mental health consumer, and I think this could finally bring some resolution to many of the problems that are going on in Mental Health at the moment. A paradigm change, if you will. Is homosexuality nature or nurture? Or a disease? It was in the DSM at one version or the other. This is a very important book and will define many of our buzzwords for the next 20 years or so. It may not be a big change, but the Talking Heads and the Newspapers will have to change their tunes. This is very exciting and could lead to more (or less) disabiity payouts. More or less medication perscriptions. And more or less people called "jerks" instead of "ill".
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